Valerie Velardi – First Wife of Robin Williams

Valerie Velardi is a celebrity who has been in the media for many years. She has a career in acting and comedy. She has been blognez married to actor Robin Williams. She has a family and a net worth. She has also been featured in the news because of her relationship with Robin Williams.

Career as a comedian and actor

Valerie Velardi is a former American actress and realestatespro comedian. She has appeared in many films, including Popeye (1980), Rappaccini (1996), and Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (2018). She has also worked as a voice actress and as a dancer. She is a member of the Actresses Guild.

Valerie Velardi was born on July 21, 1951 in Connecticut. She grew up in New Haven, and completed her high school education there. She went to Mills College in California for her Master’s in Dance Education. She also earned a Bachelor’s degree from Goddard College in Vermont.

She has been married to Robin Williams for 10 years. They have one son together. Their son, Zachary Pym “Zak” Williams, was born in 1983. They share custody of Zachary. Besides acting, Velardi is a yoga instructor and teaches yoga in nupedia San Francisco.

Valerie Velardi’s divorce from Robin Williams was contentious. They signed a private out-of-court separation agreement. She received a portion of their earnings, and was awarded a monthly sum of $50,000 for the rest of her life.

Relationship with Robin Williams

Valerie Velardi was the first wife of actor and comedian Robin Williams. They met when the two of them were working as waitresses at a San Francisco tavern.

Velardi and Williams married in 1978. They divorced in a contentious way a decade later. During their marriage, Robin was struggling with alcohol and dietxnutrition cocaine addiction.

After they separated, Robin and Valerie agreed to a private out of court agreement that involved shared custody of their son. It wasn’t long before the couple started drifting apart.

After their separation, Velardi began dating another man. After a brief engagement, she gave birth to their son, Zachary Pym Williams, at the age of 39.

The pair separated again in 2006 after the actor relapsed with alcohol. However, they still co-parent their son. When Velardi is out of town, Zachary lives with her.

Valerie Velardi is currently living in San Francisco. She enjoys spending time with her grandson. She is also a yoga instructor. She maintains an Instagram profile.

Family life

Valerie Velardi was the first wife of the late actor Robin Williams. They met in 1976 when they were both working at a tavern in San Francisco. They were married for 10 years. They had a son together. In 1988, the couple divorced.

Valerie Velardi has appeared in films such as Popeye (1980) and Rappaccini (1966). She also taught yoga. Despite her fame, she never lost her faith in god. She firmly believes in Christianity. She was born under the Cancer sun sign.

Valerie’s father was named Leonard and her mother was Dee. They raised her and her siblings. She was forced to work to support her family. She later became a dance instructor.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Valerie went on to get a Master’s degree in dance education from Mills College in California. She was a certified dancer. She had an extramarital relationship with cocktail waitress Michelle Carter.

Valarie Velardi’s divorce from Robin Williams has given her a much-needed boost in her net worth. She has since married South African musician Ricky Fataar.

Net worth

Valerie Velardi is an American actress and voice artist. She is best known for her role as the first wife of Robin Williams. The couple met in San Francisco in 1976. They married in 1978 and divorced in 1988.

During their marriage, Valerie and Robin were separated several times. They dated for a long time before they got married. They had a son together. But after he had his son, they divorced.

After they were divorced, Valerie married Ricky Fataar. She is a singer and musician. She is also a co-owner of a record label. She has a daughter named Francesca. She studied Tibetan music and Buddhism. She graduated from Bard College in Annandale-on-Hud College in New York. She has a half-sister named Paloma.

When she was 15 years old, Valerie got her first on-screen appearance in the movie Rappaccini. She also starred in the television series Popeye. She later received a degree in dance education from Mills College.

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