Is Toy Story a Multimedia Franchise?

Is Toy Story a multimedia franchise based on actual toys? Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy is notable for the toys they feature, many of which are based on real life products. In From Shelf to Screen: Toys as a Site of Intertextuality, Sam Summers examines how filmmakers use real world products to create original characters. Summers argues that the film’s action is grounded in contemporary North America.

Pixar’s Toy Story films have been commercial and international successes, and receive positive critical receptions compared to the average animated feature. Toy Story films address concerns that are often overlooked or ignored in family blockbusters and mainstream Hollywood releases. But are they truly art? And if so, is it worth being considered a multimedia franchise? This volume provides a thorough investigation of this complex topic.

Pixar’s original Toy Story script featured a different character than Woody. The original story focused on the lead character of the Tin Toy short film, a character named Tinny. This character would have travelled with a wooden dummy and ended up in a kindergarten classroom. However, the resulting story was completely different than what it turned out to be. And this is one of the most interesting aspects of Toy Story.

Is Toy Story a multimedia franchise based on the original film? In addition to the first film, there are four sequels in the Toy Story franchise: Toy Story (1996), Toy Movie 2 (1999), Toy Story 3 (2010), and Toy Stories 4 (2019). Toy Story was the first feature-length animated film to utilize computer-generated imagery, and it has become a landmark in contemporary pop culture.

The Toy Story franchise has received the highest critical acclaim of any multimedia franchise in history. The films of the Toy Story franchise have received a rounded average of ninety-nine percent on Metacritic. That’s higher than the average score for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. With its massive fan base, Toy Story has been the pixar tentpole for decades. And the films have grossed almost $2 billion globally.

While there have been several sequels to Toy Story, the third one is the most successful and highest-grossing. It grossed $192.5 million domestically, and $181.8 million internationally. In its first weekend, it was the third highest-grossing film of all time. It has since surpassed the original Toy Story to become Disney’s highest-grossing movie.

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